A little update

After a long pause in posting (sorry everyone….) Here’s a little update at what’s been happening with ALMA these past months……
Construction on the second building at Agapewasi has continued on slowly as God provides funds. We were blessed to have a visit from a group of young people from a church in Arequipa. They arrived just the day we needed extra help for mixing cement for footpaths. The ground floor is now almost done. We just need to do some of the floors with tiles and laminate and finish off the outside toilets.
We were also blessed with the visit of an American couple from San Francisco who came to shoot some footage for an updated video about ALMA’s work here in Curahuasi. God willing this will be available for viewing by the end of the year.
Agapewasi continues to grow as the local authorities have become aware of our presence and willingness to take in children who need a place to live. We continue to trust God for His provision for each of these children. We are also praying for more volunteers to come and help us out. Recently we received notification that we need to permanently staff several key positions. These include a social worker, a teacher and a psychologist. Please pray with us as we look for the right people for these important positions.

(Lyndal Maxwell)

New children at the childrens home

Friends, after waiting all year for God to send us children for us to take care of in the children’s home, this past week we have received 5 new children ranging in age from 3 to 12yrs old! In addition, one 8yr old girl has returned to us after an unsuccessful attempt to reintegrate her into her family. So, we now have 7 children living in the home and while we are praising God for His answer to our prayers, we are also well aware of the added responsibilities this means for our small team of workers. We are actively looking for 2 volunteers who can come and help us with the children during the Peruvian school holidays. This is during the months of January and February – a good knowledge of the Spanish language is essential.
We are also asking people to consider becoming a sponsor to one of the new children to help us cover the cost of feeding, clothing, educating and caring for them. Can you commit to donating $35 per month for a child? We need 3 sponsors for each child to cover the costs. We will send you a photo of the child and some information about them so that you can pray for them as well. Periodically we will send out updates to keep you informed of how things are going. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please send us an email to : or send us a message through the contact form. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

Lyndal Maxwell

ALMA joins to christian community at Puka-Puka

This week we went up to Puca Puca to make the meeting place of a small Christian community a bit more weatherproof and brighter. The holes in the roof got fixed, the interior walls painted and jute attached to prevent the wind from blowing too much through the cracks, etc. We hope and pray that the improvements to the cabin will keep visitors dry during rainy season.

(Claudia Nickel)

A lot of work at the children’s home

During the last few days a lot has been done at ALMA: our water pump had to be pulled out of the well carefully because the safety rope did not fulfill its purpose and oxidized anyway. The staircase to the first floor is now walkable and the columns are poured so that the iron bars do not start to rust during rainy season. In addition, our garden has got an irrigation system therefore our flowers bloom even in the dry season and the tomatoes are growing diligently. We also have enough firewood to make campfires with the kids for quite some time. 😀 We are thankful to God for all the goodness He gives us!

(Claudia Nickel)

Tertiary Students meet together

Last Saturday we had our student mentoring meeting again. This is for tertiary students who receive a scholarship from supporters of ALMA for their studies. Every other month we have this obligatory meeting where we talk about important things like relationships, trust, friendship, God. It is very nice to see how the students get to know each other, build friendships and invite the “new ones” into the group.

(Claudia Nickel)