There are many families in the district of Curahuasi who are living a subsistence existence and this inevitably leads to a stressful home life and several key social problems which inhibit satisfactory physical and emotional development in the children. Many children suffer from chronic malnutrition and inadequate living conditions mean children are not able to perform optimally in their school studies.

ALMA offers social assistance to some families in desperate need. This includes helping parents find jobs or creating small, family-run businesses where appropriate. This enables families to become financially independently and ultimately provide a better future for their own children, rather than relying on charity assistance for an extended period of time. These small businesses are monitored by members of the ALMA Board for a period of 1 year in order to educate the participants in efficient running of the business. This includes teaching about buying and selling, profit and loss, investigating the potential for future expansion and ways to promote their business to the local clients. The ALMA Board assesses each family situation on an individual basis to decide whether the initial capital investment should be considered a loan or a gift. Where it is considered a loan, the board members monitoring the business will decide before the end of the first 12 months how the loan should be repaid (ie. Monthly instalments over a certain period of time).

In some cases ALMA assists families on a “one-off” basis providing beds for children and improved cooking areas to improve the general health of the whole family.