While it has been, and always will be, ALMA’s priority to work alongside families to bring them to a level of economic stability and provide for their own children, it remains a sad fact that some children do not have families to provide for them.

Therefore ALMA is in the process of establishing a home for children who have no family to provide for them. The ALMA Children’s Home will provide needy children with a safe and loving home environment in their own community, nurturing each child physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The home consists of 2 separate houses, allowing ALMA to provide safe accommodation to both boys and girls. There are shared living facilities including kitchen, dining and living rooms.

It is the desire of ALMA that the children’s home be run as much as possible along the lines of a family home with children participating in the responsibilities of day-to-day living in order to learn valuable life skills. ALMA will seek to purchase farmland in the surrounding area in order to provide local foods for the home and also enable the children to learn agricultural skills. Additionally, ALMA would like to build a small business on the property in order to provide paid, after-school jobs for teenaged residents. This will also give participants valuable job experience for the future.

The home will be staffed by both local personnel and foreign volunteers and will be reliant on international financial support to provide for the children’s needs on a daily basis.

It is projected that children will remain under the care of the home until they complete their high school education, after which ALMA will endeavour to establish the young person independently in the community or with a tertiary scholarship should it be deemed appropriate.