We are a faith-based ministry trusting in God to give us the wisdom to help where it is appropriate. We rely on God to provide financially for all our ministries


  1. School Sponsorships – it only costs $35 to help a child attend school for an entire year. Sponsorships are needed by February of each year to be in time for the beginning of the school year in March.
  2. Social Aid – setting up a small business for struggling families can take as little as $100, enabling that family to become financially independent
  3. Children’s Home – we have 3 big projects that need to be completed before we can open our home to children.
  • Installation of solar power will cost $7500
  • Drilling a water well will cost approximately $15,000
  • Installing sewerage for the property will cost $6,500

Perhaps you can organize a fundraiser to help us gather the money for one of these projects.


  • We are looking for help in the construction of the children’s home. Whether you are a master builder or just a willing worker we can put you to work! Anything from building walls, pouring cement floor to painting rooms and landscaping or designing a playground. Anyone who has a couple of weeks to spare or even a year
  • We need volunteers to work in the children’s home from 2017 – anyone who has time from 1 month up to 1 year would be very welcome. We provided free room and board in exchange for your help.